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Tagging to version 0.03
Add expanded range support, fix DEBUG check Added support for expanding hostname ranges (in args and files). So we can now use ww[1-20,23,40-90] and similar expressions to expand into whole ranges of hosts. Also fixed DEBUG check such that environ['DEBUG'] must point to argv[0] to activate debugging output.
Added tag 0.02 for changeset e16227d42f29
Reworked for classh as script and as py_pkg This rearranges everything and it results in copies rather than links in the .egg --- end user can replace either with a link or we may separate the wrapper from the jobmanager class later.
Added explicit LICENSE file, and PyPI classifiers
Adding author and author_email data to
Re-organize for setuptools, add Let's make this into a package suitable for use in the real world.
In readfile(), strip leading and trailing whitespace from each line.
cmd -> self.cmd in SSHJobMan.__init__ The wrapper in main only worked due to accidental name collision.
Change .. to : in job result uniquefier + munge non-printables + other fixes
Initial publication: tested against localhost a 25,000 host list at work.