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terminus-powerline font added
vim-powerline added to vimrc
zshrc powerline prompt

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 " colors and font
 set background=dark
-colorscheme wombat256mod
+colorscheme Tomorrow-Night
 if has('gui_running')
     set guioptions-=T
     set guioptions+=g
     set guioptions-=r
     set guioptions-=R
     set showtabline=0
-    set guifont=Dejavu\ Sans\ Mono\ 9
+    set guifont=Terminus\ 8
     nmap <C-S> :w!<cr>
     let g:Powerline_symbols = 'fancy'
 autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.coffee set tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 softtabstop=2 expandtab
-let g:showmarks_include="abcdef"
 " sessions (thanks to nl_0)
 set sessionoptions-=options
 set sessionoptions+=localoptions
 map <F2> :call RangerChooser()<CR>
+let g:Powerline_symbols = 'fancy'
 precmd () { vcs_info }
-RPROMPT='${vcs_info_msg_0_}[ ${PR_YELLOW}%m${PR_RESET} ] [ %* ]'
+# RPROMPT='${vcs_info_msg_0_}⮃ ${PR_YELLOW}%m${PR_RESET} ⮃ %* '
 # url escaping
 autoload -U url-quote-magic
 alias gt="google-translate"
 alias rcd="sudo systemctl"
+#powerline prompt
+PROMPT="%K{green}%F{black} %n %k%f%F{green}%K{240}"$'\u2b80'"%k%f%F{white}%K{240} [%~] %k%f%F{240}"$'\u2b80'"%f "
+RPROMPT=%F{240}$'\u2b82'"%f%K{240} %F{255}%m "$'\u2b82'"%f%k%K{255}%F{240} %D{%H:%M} %f%k"
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