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Ocaml "Just for fun" Software
Anastasia Gornostaeva <>

It is an Jabber bot

To compile, you need previously installed:

* Ocaml 3.10.2
* cryptokit
* ulex 1.0+
* ocamlfind (findlib-1.1.2pl1+)

* ocamlnet 1.1+
* netclient 0.91.1+
* ocamlnet 2+

* pcre-ocaml
* sqlite 3.x
* ocaml-sqlite3 1.2+

* json-wheel
* json-static

Note: If you plan to use Mueller dictonary, you should compile pcre library
with enabled UTF-8 support

Most of those packets can be retrieved and installed using your Package 
management such as apt-get or FreeBSD Port Collection

To compile Sulci, an jabber bot:

You can find sulci and sulci.conf.example in sulci subdir.

Note: Now Sulci is available in FreeBSD Port Collection

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