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What is contractualSugar?
An easy way to manage contracts

Why was contractualSugar created?
For lack of a decent free software alternative to the commercial
contract management behemoths.

On whose shoulders was contractualSugar based?
As a contract management facility, it is necessary to store the
metadata associated with executed contracts somewhere safe and efficient.
The obvious choice is a database. Rather than hardcoding a particular
database as the storage base, contractualSugar uses an ORM (Object
Relational Mapper) called SQLAlchemy to talk to various databases. 

Recent activity

Ciaran Farrell

Commits by Ciaran Farrell were pushed to cfarrell1980/contractualSugar

bcf67cc - Fixed multiple datepicker. The problem was tat cloning the div meant cloning the hasDatepicker class - meaning that datepicker() was not initialised on the newly ...
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