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-l flag for list is now on by default. Try fixing timezone problems using global delta

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 tlist = subparsers.add_parser('list', help='List your appointments')
 tlist.add_argument('window', nargs='?',
-tlist.add_argument('-l', '--with-id',dest='withid',help=help_withid,default=False,
-                    action='store_true')
+#tlist.add_argument('-l', '--with-id',dest='withid',help=help_withid,default=False,
+#                    action='store_true')
 tshow = subparsers.add_parser('show', help='Show a particular appointment')
 while not ok: # loop is because user may not be authenticated
   if action=='list':
     logger.debug('action is list')
-    w_id,w_fid = args.withid,args.withfullid
+    w_id,w_fid = True,args.withfullid
     if w_fid: w_id = True
       gw = Groupwise(fl=fl)
   def createAppointment(self,to,subject,message,st,et,cc=None,place=""):
     logger.debug('''Groupwise.createAppointment with to=%s,subject=%s,message=%s,
+    logger.debug('Adding the gdelta timedelta to st and et')
+    st = st+gdelta
+    et = st+gdelta
     logger.debug('Getting user list for %s'%to)
     users = self.getUserList(to)
     app = self.client.factory.create('ns2:Appointment')
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