Ciaran Farrell avatar Ciaran Farrell committed 6372e5f

Add the delta to 'termine show' - otherwise the time is right in the list view but wrong in the show view

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     s = textwrap.dedent(self.d['subject'].encode('utf-8'))
     p = textwrap.dedent(self.d['place'].encode('utf-8'))
     m = textwrap.dedent(self.d['message'].decode('utf-8'))
+    fix_sdate = (self.d['startDate']+delta)
+    fix_edate = (self.d['endDate']+delta)
     print "%s %s"%(self.bold('Subject:'),textwrap.fill(s,initial_indent='', subsequent_indent=' '*9))
-    print self.bold("From:")+"    %s"%textwrap.fill("%s - %s"%(self.d['startDate'].strftime(dtime),self.d['endDate'].strftime(dtime))
+    print self.bold("From:")+"    %s"%textwrap.fill("%s - %s"%(fix_sdate.strftime(dtime),fix_edate.strftime(dtime))
         , initial_indent='', subsequent_indent=' '*9)
     print self.bold('Place:')+"   %s"%textwrap.fill(p, initial_indent='', subsequent_indent=' '*9)
     print self.bold('Message:')+" %s"%textwrap.fill(m.encode('utf-8'), initial_indent='', subsequent_indent=' '*9)
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