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Ciaran Farrell  committed 988a911

Fix bug that stopped script on receiving code 59920 instead of forcing login (59920 means missing or invalid session cookie)

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 this default in the ~/.gwise.cfg file'''%deflen
 help_to = '''Analog to the 'to' recipients of an email. All to recipients can
 see who the other 'to' recipients as well as the other cc recipients are'''
+help_recur = '''Specify the recurrence key so that the decline and its options
+can be applied to all items in the recurrence chain'''
+help_comment = '''Add a comment to the decline. Only one comment can be added
+so that if you specify multiple appointments to decline, the same comment will
+appear in each decline'''
+help_items = '''Specify the appointments to decline. You can use the short url
+type keys (e.g. from termine list) or the full Groupwise keys (e.g. from the 
+output of termine list -a). Enter as many appointments to decline as you like'''
 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(parents=[parentparser],
 tcreate.add_argument('to', nargs='*', help=help_to)
+tdecline = subparsers.add_parser('decline', help='Decline one or more appointments')
+                    default='')
+                    default=None,required=False)
+tdecline.add_argument('items', nargs='*', help=help_items)
 args = parser.parse_args()
 if not args.verbose:
 elif hasattr(args,'to'):
   logger.debug('parsed to to be %s'%args.to)
   action = 'create'
+elif hasattr(args,'recurrence'):
+  logger.debug('parser recurrence to %s'%args.recurrence)
+  action = 'decline'
   # this will probably never be reached as the parser will catch the error
   parser.error('Could not determine what action you want to take')
+  elif action == 'decline':
+    logger.debug('action is decline')
+    if not len(args.items):
+      logger.debug('User did not specify any items - cannot proceed')
+      sys.stderr.write('You must specify at least one appointment to decline\n')
+      sys.exit(1)
+    try:
+      gw = Groupwise(fl=fl)
+      soapstring = gw.declineAppointments(args.items,comment=args.comment,
+                      recurrence=args.recurrence)
+    except GWForceLoginException,e:
+      logger.warn(str(e))
+      logger.debug('Setting fl to False to avoid loop')
+      fl = False
+    except GWInitException,e:
+      logger.warn(str(e))
+    else:
+      print "back to termine"
+      ok=True
   elif action == 'create':
     logger.debug('action is create')

File termine/gwise.py

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         if hasattr(resp.folder,'id'):
           return resp.folder.id
+          logger.debug('getFolderRequest failed: (GW CODE %d)%s'%(int(resp.status.code),
+            str(resp.status.description)))
           raise GWItemFetchException,'Could not retrieve Address Book id'
+        if int(resp.status.code)==59920:
+          logger.debug('Session cookie is not present or expired - login required')
+          raise GWSessionException,'session cookie not present or expired'
+        logger.debug('getFolderRequest failed: (GW CODE %d)%s'%(int(resp.status.code),
+          str(resp.status.description)))
         raise GWFatalException,resp.status.description
   def getAppointments(self,window=None):
       logger.warn('Groupwise returned status %d for sendItemRequest'%int(sir.status.code))
       print sir
-      raise GWItemSendException("GWItemSendException - oh noes") 
+      raise GWItemSendException("GWItemSendException - oh noes")
+  def declineAppointments(self,apps,comment=None,recurrence=None):
+    '''Decline all appointments in list apps. These will be either the short
+        keys stored in the cache or the full groupwise keys'''
+    logger.debug('Groupwise.declineAppointments with apps=%s, comment=%s,recurrence=%s)'%(apps,
+                  comment,recurrence))
+    gwitemlist = []
+    notfound = []
+    cache = GWIdCache()
+    for app in apps:
+      if len(app)==5:
+        logger.debug('%s is 5 chars long - checking if it can be expanded'%app)
+        try:
+          xpanded = cache.expand(app)
+        except KeyError,e:
+          logger.debug('%s could not be expanded - adding to not found'%app)
+          notfound.append(app)
+        else:
+          logger.debug('%s was expanded to %s'%(app,xpanded))
+          gwitemlist.append(xpanded)
+      elif ((len(app) > 5) and ('@' in app)):
+        logger.debug('Assuming %s is a full Groupwise item id'%app)
+        gwitemlist.append(app)
+      else:
+        logger.debug('Assuming %s is neither a shortened id nor a full Groupwise id'%app)
+        notfound.append(app)
+    if len(gwitemlist) > 0:
+      logger.debug('Have %d potentially valid ids - creating the item list'%len(gwitemlist))
+      itemlist = self.client.factory.create('ns2:ItemList')
+      for item in gwitemlist:
+        gwItem = self.client.factory.create('ns2:Item')
+        gwItem.id = item
+        logger.debug('Adding %s to the list of items to decline'%item)
+        itemlist.item.append(gwItem)
+      resp = self.client.service.declineRequest(gwitemlist[0])
+      print resp
+    else:
+      logger.debug('No point in proceeding as user did not send even one valid appointment id')
+      raise GWItemFetchException, 'No valid appointment ids found'
 class GWIdCache:
   def __init__(self):