Ciaran Farrell avatar Ciaran Farrell committed d59711b

Fix bug caused by failure to see that some users do not have a displayName and some other attributes (e.g. conference rooms)

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         #getting responses from GW has been exceeded
         users = resp.freeBusyInfo.user
         for user in users:
+          # remember, conference rooms are users without displayName
+          if hasattr(user,'displayName'):
+            dn = user.displayName
+          else:
+            dn = ''
           u[] = {'email','uuid':user.uuid,
-                          'displayName':user.displayName,
+                          'displayName':dn,
         if (outstanding == 0) or ( >= e):
         return {}
       items = resp.items[0]
       for item in items:
+        print item
         if hasattr(item,'uuid'):
-          email = item.emailList._primary
-          uname = item.emailList._primary.split('@')[0].lower()
-          displayName = item.fullName.displayName
+          if hasattr(item,'emailList'):
+            email = item.emailList._primary
+          elif hasattr(item,'email'):
+            email =
+          else:
+            print "WTF no email!!"
+          uname = email.split('@')[0]
+          if hasattr(item,'fullName'):
+            if hasattr(item,'displayName'):
+              displayName = item.fullName.displayName
+          else:
+            displayName = ''
           uuid = item.uuid
           if u.has_key(uname):
             u[uname]['email'] = email
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