Carl Friedrich Bolz avatar Carl Friedrich Bolz committed 74a4979

give shapes a str that summarizes them

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 conssig = signature.Signature.getsignature(".", 2)
 class ArgumentDescr(object):
+    char = "b"
     def compatible_with(self, obj):
         return False
         obj._raw_set_argument_at(i, erase(val))
 class AnyArgumentDescr(ArgumentDescr):
+    char = "*"
     def compatible_with(self, obj):
         return True
 class VarArgumentDescr(ArgumentDescr):
+    char = "X"
     def compatible_with(self, obj):
         return isinstance(obj, term.BindingVar)
         return res
 class NumberArgumentDescr(ArgumentDescr):
+    char = "n"
     def compatible_with(self, obj):
         if not isinstance(obj, term.Number):
             return False
     def __init__(self, signature, args):
         self.signature = signature
         self.args = args
+        self.str = "".join([a.char for a in args])
         self.cache = None
     def argument_at(self, i, obj):
     cls.__name__ = termcls.__name__ + "ArgumentDescr"
     return cls()
-            for cls in specialized_term_classes])
+def make_arg_descrs():
+    for i, cls in enumerate(specialized_term_classes):
+        descr = make_specialized_argument_descr(cls)
+        descr.char = str(i + 1)
+        assert len(descr.char) == 1
+        all_argument_descrs.append(descr)
+    all_argument_descrs.append(make_specialized_argument_descr(term.Atom))
+    all_argument_descrs[-1].char = "a"
+    all_argument_descrs.append(make_specialized_argument_descr(Cons))
+    all_argument_descrs[-1].char = "."
 all_argument_descrs = unroll.unrolling_iterable(all_argument_descrs)
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