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Issue #3 resolved

Pyrolog can not parse 'e' notated numbers.

Edd Barrett
created an issue

The following program is valid in SWI Prolog:

main(X) :-
        X = 1.4e+1.

Pyrolog crashes with a parse error:

RPython traceback:
  File "implement.c", line 219, in entry_point
  File "prolog_interpreter_translatedmain.c", line 213, in repl
  File "prolog_interpreter_translatedmain.c", line 1237, in run
  File "prolog_interpreter_continuation.c", line 2838, in driver
  File "implement.c", line 19861, in wrap_consult_1
  File "prolog_interpreter_parsing.c", line 1051, in parse_file
  File "rpython_rlib_parsing_parsing.c", line 3810, in PackratParser_parse
Fatal RPython error: ParseError
Abort trap (core dumped)