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 class RPyInt(int):
     __metaclass__ = RPytPrimitiveType
+class RPyFloat(float):
+    __metaclass__ = RPytPrimitiveType
 class RPythonClass(RPyType):
     def __new__(cls, name, bases, dct):
         result = type.__new__(cls, name, bases, dct)
         return obj
     if obj is int:
         return RPyInt
+    if obj is float:
+        return RPyFloat
+    assert 0, "unknown type %s" % obj
 def test_class():
     class Test(r.RPyObject):
         x = r.attribute(int)
+        y = r.attribute(float)
     t = Test()
-    assert t.x == 0
+    assert t.x == t.y == 0
+    assert type(t.x) is int
+    assert type(t.y) is float
     t.x = 5
     assert t.x == 5
     py.test.raises(r.RPythonTypeError, "t.x = 1.0")
     py.test.raises(r.RPythonTypeError, "t.x = 'abc'")
+    t.y = 5.6
+    assert t.y == 5.6
+    py.test.raises(r.RPythonTypeError, "t.y = 1")
+    py.test.raises(r.RPythonTypeError, "t.y = 'abc'")
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