This repository contains a collection of IPython notebooks with MyHDL exercises. These exercises can be used as a learning tool to learn hardware description and MyHDL.

Getting Started

First, clone the repository and run the ipython notebook in the cloned workspace:

>> hg clone
>> cd myhdl_exercises
>> ipython notebook --pylab=inline

Next, to run the exercises the myhdl and myhdl_tools packages are required. If the above cell did not execute without error the packages need to be retrieved and the notebook kernel restarted.
Both packages can be installed via pypi:

>> pip install myhdl
>> pip install myhdl_tools

Or the latest can be retrieved from:

>> hg clone
>> hg clone

To start IPython see the directions here

Once the packages are installed open the first notebook and verify all the cells can run.


Other than the first exercise, each requires an HDL module to be defined and an existing test will verify if the HDL module is working correctly or not.

  1. Getting started [00_mex_start_here]
  2. Defining a hardware module. This exercise defines a basic shift register [01_mex_shifty]