Armin Rigo committed 30115fa

fix the test, which was randomly occasionally failing

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     a = newp(BArray, [u+'A', u+'B', u+'C'])
     assert type(string(a)) is unicode and string(a) == u+'ABC'
     if 'PY_DOT_PY' not in globals() and sys.version_info < (3,):
-        assert string(a, 8).startswith(u+'ABC') # may contain additional garbage
+        try:
+            # may contain additional garbage
+            assert string(a, 8).startswith(u+'ABC')
+        except ValueError:    # garbage contains values > 0x10FFFF
+            assert sizeof(BWChar) == 4
 def test_string_typeerror():
     BShort = new_primitive_type("short")
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