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Update with the checksums of the distribution.

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   with CFFI).
 * pycparser 2.06 or 2.07:
+  (there is a bug in the distribution of 2.08!)
 * a C compiler is required to use CFFI during development, but not to run
   correctly-installed programs that use CFFI.
 Download and Installation:
-  -
-    has a MD5 of xxx and SHA of
-    xxx
+   - MD5: 25dbc7b6182c64d08adeb6077bfa2743
-  - or get it via ``hg clone``
+   - SHA: 922680f1aeb4392ab715cbe572fdc071cdbc4a35
+* Or get it from the `Bitbucket page`_:
+  ``hg clone``
 * ``python install`` or ``python install``
   (should work out of the box on Linux or Windows; see below for
   compile the ``_cffi_backend`` extension module, it will fall back
   to using internally ``ctypes`` (much slower; we recommend not to use it).
-* running the tests: ``py.test c/ testing/ -x`` (if you didn't
+* running the tests: ``py.test c/ testing/`` (if you didn't
   install cffi yet, you may need ``python build``
   and ``PYTHONPATH=build/``)
+.. _`Bitbucket page`:
 * The `demo`_ directory contains a number of small and large demos