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 the list of cdata objects made by ``new_handle()`` the one which has got
 the same ``void *`` value; and then it fetches in that cdata object the
 corresponding Python object.  The cdata object keeps the Python object
-alive, but if the cdata object *itself* is not alive any more, then it
-will crash!  (Obviously, the real
-implementation is more efficient than suggested here.)  In other words,
-the result of ``new_handle()`` has *ownership* (similarly to
-```` or ``ffi.gc()``) in the sense that the association ``void
-* -> python_object`` is only valid as long as *this* exact cdata
-returned by ``new_handle()`` is alive.
+alive, similar to how ```` returns a cdata object that keeps a
+piece of memory alive.  If the cdata object *itself* is not alive any
+more, then the association ``void * -> python_object`` is dead and
+``from_handle()`` will crash.
 .. "versionadded:: 0.7" --- inlined in the previous paragraph