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Test and fix: a remaining deadlock

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             negative = function(p)
             value = int(p[0])
             if value < 0 and not negative:
-                value += (1 << (8*self.ffi.sizeof("long long")))
+                BLongLong = self.ffi._typeof_locked("long long")[0]
+                value += (1 << (8*self.ffi.sizeof(BLongLong)))
             BFunc = self.ffi._typeof_locked(tp.get_c_name('(*)(void)', name))[0]
             function = module.load_function(BFunc, funcname)


 def test_define_int():
     ffi = FFI()
     ffi.cdef("#define FOO ...\n"
-             "\t#\tdefine\tBAR\t...\t")
+             "\t#\tdefine\tBAR\t...\t\n"
+             "#define BAZ ...\n")
     lib = ffi.verify("#define FOO 42\n"
-                     "#define BAR (-44)\n")
+                     "#define BAR (-44)\n"
+                     "#define BAZ 0xffffffffffffffffLL\n")
     assert lib.FOO == 42
     assert lib.BAR == -44
+    assert lib.BAZ == 0xffffffffffffffff
 def test_access_variable():
     ffi = FFI()
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