Issue #153 resolved

Generate same C code for CPython 2 and 3

Lisandro Dalcin
created an issue

Currently, the C code generated after ffi.verify() is the same for both CPytho 2 and 3 except for the extension module init function. Would you accept a patch to generate the same C code for both major CPython version?

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  1. Lisandro Dalcin reporter

    The main rationale is related to using a for distributing extension modules. Right now, if you run "python build" and then you run it again (or run "python install", possibly as root), cffi regenerates the C sources and this re-triggers the execution of the C compiler. I would like to fix this behaviour in the near future, and I believe a necessary step is to generate CPy2/3 compatible C source code.

    Other option would be to add a implementation+major_version tag to the generated C source files, e.g. "sourcefilename-cpy2.c" or "sourcefilename-pypy.c".

    While working on a patch for this issue, I've realized that _cffi_setup() does not return an error code, this should be improved and handled in the init function. I'll open another issue for it and upload a patch, then we can go back to this one to take a final decision on it.

  2. Armin Rigo

    _cffi_setup() signals errors the usual way for CPython extension modules. I'm unsure what you mean by saying it does not return an error code.

  3. Armin Rigo

    Ok. Thanks for the pull request, including the fixes to some details! Merged. Indeed, if having a single C source simplifies the life of upcoming fixes, then it was easy to provide anyway.

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