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Issue #156 resolved

Compile error in VS 2013

Taewook Kang
created an issue

When I compiled cffi on my Windows 7 PC using Visual Studio Express 2013, following error occurred. Commenting out 225 line of 'c/misc_win32.h' removed this error, but source files generated from cffi also had this problem. So, I have to comment out 783 line of 'cffi/vengine_cpy.py'

d:\work\cffi\c\misc_win32.h(225) : error C2632: 'char' followed by 'bool' is illegal.

Comments (4)

  1. Armin Rigo

    It seems that VS 2013 includes the type _Bool, unlike previous versions. Simply commenting out the lines is not ok, because it breaks these previous versions. Can you come up with the correct #ifdef magic?

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