Dealing with windows' ANYSIZE_ARRAY

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Windows defines ANYSIZE_ARRAY = 1 in many structs, for example:

typedef struct _TOKEN_PRIVILEGES {
  DWORD               PrivilegeCount;

ANYSIZE_ARRAY here is a placeholder, and the struct's actual Privileges may have length more than 1. Now if I wanted to create a new struct using cffi, I would use, but this only allows for allocating structs using their sizes, so in this case, only one privilege may be stored.

A simple workaround is pass a buffer around which can hold more than one element, and casting it when needed, but this seems rather inconvenient to me.

I propose that take in an additional argument specifying the size of the struct to allocate, so we can pass more than one element around. Is this reasonable?

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  1. simonzack reporter

    I've found a better workaround inspired from the docs, which is to cast a buffer to the desired type, then store the cdata object with the buffer in a global WeakKeyDictionary, so that the buffer is only freed once the cdata object is.

    Given this, I think a better way is to use the proposed from_buffer method from #47 instead, but with the option of using a copy of the entire buffer if it's a bytes object.

  2. Armin Rigo

    You can fix it by using C99's variable arrays if you replace [ANYSIZE_ARRAY] with [ ]. Then indeed works like an array, allowing you to specify the length that you want. You have to specify this length as initializer for the Privileges field:"PTOKEN_PRIVILEGES", [20, 20])

    which is the same as the following:"PTOKEN_PRIVILEGES", {
         "PrivilegeCount": 20,
         "Privileges": 20})

    As usual for arrays you can also list items here (assuming a LUID_AND_ATTRIBUTES has three fields):"PTOKEN_PRIVILEGES", [2, 
          [[10, 20, 30],
           [15, 25, 35]]])
  3. simonzack reporter

    Many thanks! I never knew that arrays could be used this way. In that case I'll be very happy if from_buffer ends up working with variable arrays.

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