No wheel packages for 1.11.1 version

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I just noticed that version 1.11.1 has no wheel packages published on PyPI. There is only source published. Many our build fails because of this.

Can you compile and upload packages for Windows and Linux systems?


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  1. Andrea Frittoli

    I agree, wheel packages would be handy. They were available for 1.11.0 and we relied on those.

  2. Seth van Buren

    Failing for me too when Im installing credstash:

    Running install for cffi ... error

  3. Armin Rigo

    Wheels are uploaded by a third-party, usually within an hour. This time it took five hours. We found no way to use PyPI so that I could upload the source in a "hidden" new version and wait until the wheels are uploaded before publishing that new version. Please report that as a PyPI issue if you need this...

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