generated abi-mode struct defs breaks unions

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Issue #357 resolved
Ryan Hileman created an issue

If I run this union through ffi.emit_python_code, the size becomes 32 instead of 16:

struct NVGcolor {
    union {
        float rgba[4];
        struct { float r,g,b,a; };

But the size is right before emitting (all sizes in this output should be 16):

raw ffi: 16 16
generated ffi: 32 16

In the generated ffi code, the union size is 32, suggesting the union fields were combined into a larger incorrect struct. PoC attached, repros in pypy3 and cpython with cffi 1.11.4

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  1. Armin Rigo

    Well spotted. Should be fixed in 6d56592a5c9b.

    It should also work if you use this new revision of cffi to call ffi.emit_python_code, but continue using the older cffi for running your application (like the released cffi for cpython, or the one included with current pypy's).

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