dlopen ignores LD_LIBRARY_PATH and doesn't allow loading specific so versions

Issue #58 resolved
Christoph Reiter
created an issue

As the title says, I need to load libfoo.so.1 when libfoo.so.2 is installed, but since dlopen only takes a "foo" as valid argument, that isn't possible.

Also dlopen ignores LD_LIBRARY_PATH as opposed to dlopen(3).

Any idea for a workaround welcome.

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  1. Armin Rigo

    I suppose I will deprecate ffi.dlopen(), and replace it with ffi.some_longer_and_more_obscure_name() that calls directly dlopen(3).

    The usual warning applies (and I should put it forward in the docs too): the recommended way to use CFFI is ffi.verify(), not ffi.dlopen().

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