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Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code. The aim of this project is to provide a convinient and reliable way of calling C code from Python. The interface is based on luajit FFI and follows a few principles:

  • You want to use C code from Python code, so you should be able to do so without needing to learn a 3rd language (unlike Cython or SWIG or ctypes)

  • Keep all the python-related logic in Python instead of C (unlike CPython native C extensions)

  • Be complete and work on the level of API (unlike ctypes)

Simple example

>>> from cffi import FFI
>>> ffi = FFI()
>>> ffi.cdef("""
...     int printf(const char *format, ...); // copy-pasted from the man page
... """)                                  
>>> C = ffi.dlopen(None)                     # loads the entire C namespace
>>> arg = ffi.new("char[]", "world")         # equivalent to C code: char arg[] = "world";
>>> C.printf("hi there, %s!\n", arg);        # call printf
hi there, world!

More documentation

See More docs for examples and supported features.


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