cffi /

Filename Size Date modified Message
235 B
Ignore *~.
131 B
hgignore also
754 B
Removed tag release-0.1
173 B
disable emails
171 B
mention Mike Pall in AUTHORS
1.3 KB
authors and license
225 B
Include win64.obj in the source archive
395 B
217 B
Update TODO
17 B
'platformer' is no longer a requirement (for now only maybe)
4.6 KB
(Lisandro Dalcin, part of issue 141)
900 B
Disable compiling _cffi_backend.c with pypy.


Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code. Please see the Documentation or uncompiled in the doc/ subdirectory.


Download page


Mailing list

To run tests under CPython, run:

python build_ext -i

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