1. Stan Serebryakov
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Author:      Stan `Cfr` Serebyrakov <cfr.ssv@gmail.com>
Advisor:     Andreas Nuechter <andreas@nuechti.de>
Homepage:    http://udjat.info/wiki, http://slam6d.sourceforge.net
License:     X11

Small lib to access PMD data grabbed due Precombine3D project @ Jacobs Uni.

See http://udjat.info/wiki/repo.md for more information.

Find links to grab datasets at http://udjat.info/wiki/data.md page.

cvSample usage

* Install OpenCV (≥ 2.0).

* Compile program:

    $ make

* Download and upack matrices:

    $ wget http://undat.info/pmd/matrices.tgz
    $ tar xvvf pmd-matrice.tgz

* Download and unpack dataset (apple for example):

    $ wget http://udjat.info/pmd/datasets/apple.tgz
    $ tar xvvf apple.tgz

* Run:

    $ ./cvSample