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Issue #14 resolved
Steve Johnson created an issue

The window is pretty ugly before the tiles and initial text loads in. It would be great if some kind of loading image could be provided.

(OS X)

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  1. Alexander Malinin repo owner

    Does window show on screen after open() but before the first refresh()? Window is supposed to stay hidden until the first call to refresh() specifically for the purposes of configuring its appearance.

  2. Steve Johnson reporter

    No, but I did more poking and got more info. Here's my code:

    from bearlibterminal import terminal
    while True:
        if terminal.read() == terminal.TK_CLOSE:

    On launch, until I press any key, I see the screen below. (Title bar is grayed out because I had to put another application in focus to stop bearlibterminal from getting my keystrokes).

    Screenshot 2016-09-27 10.45.01.png

    After I press any key, I see this, which is what I would have expected from the start:

    Screenshot 2016-09-27 10.47.02.png

  3. Alexander Malinin repo owner

    Reproduced this on the OS X 10.11 VM.

    The app doesn't seem to render correctly right after it was brought on screen. Calling any function that pump events (e. g. peek() or delay(0)) before the first refresh() forces it to render as expected.

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