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Matthias Rüster
created an issue

Somehow the setting for hyperref = true does not work or I am doing something wrong.

I've set the option explicitly, but it seems not to work. There are no links set for the acronyms jumping to the list of abbreviations.

On the other hand the acronyms in the documentation have this feature... How can I get this work in my document too?



  list = acronym

  list-style = mystyle,
  hyperref = true

    short = OGC ,
    long = Open Geospatial Consortium
    short = WFS ,
    long = Web Feature Service


Click on this \ac{OGC}. Or this: \ac{WFS}



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  1. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    Citing the manual section 10 hyperref support (emphasis by me):

    The option hyperref = {true} adds internal links from all short (or alternative) forms to their respective list entries. Of course this only works if you have loaded the hyperref package in your preamble.

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