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This might well be a accsupp problem, but anyway worth noting:




\DeclareAcronym{PU}{long = Polyurethan}




results in a PDF where everything looks fine, but when I copy the text out of Acrobat Reader, I get PU -Hartschaum (note the space after PU). Without accsupp everything works fine.

(Somehow this problem sound familiar to me, but I could not find an earlier bug report on this.)

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  1. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    Hm: works fine for me with pdfLaTeX and LuaLaTeX. If I compile with XeLaTeX I only get -Hartschaum copied, i.e., the PU is then missing completely. Right now I have no idea what the cause might be…

  2. RobertTerwilliger reporter

    Hmm, strange. The original post was from a Windows computer. This time on Linux, I get the following results:

    Without \acsetup{accsupp}: pdfLaTeX: PU-Hartschaum (also without polyglossia) XeLaTeX: PU-Hartschaum *LuaLaTeX: PU-Hartschaum

    With \acsetup{accsupp}: pdfLaTeX: PU-Hartschaum (also without polyglossia) XeLaTeX: PU -Hartschaum *LuaLaTeX:PU -Hartschaum

    That is, if telling TeXWorks to remove auxiliary files is enough to switch between the LaTeX flavours. I will sent an email to Heiko Oberdiek, author of accsupp. Maybe he got a clue.

  3. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    Before you do you should test without acro:

    \BeginAccSupp{ ActualText = bla }

    and probably with different PDF viewers, too.

  4. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    This gives me with an up to date TL15 and Okular 0.17.5:

    • pdflatex: bla-blubber
    • lualatex: bla-blubber
    • xelatex: -blubber

    as copied text – consistent with what I get with acro which makes me believe that this is completely unrelated to acro.

  5. RobertTerwilliger reporter

    Sorry, already contacted Heiko Oberdiek before your post yesterday evening. He responded that your stand-alone example for accsupp did not gave any problems with pdflatex/lualatex/xelatex and AR (resulted always in bla-blubber). But when changing the font with \usepackage{fontspec} the extra space appears. As he could not find any peculiarities in the PDF stream, he assumes that it is due to some macro problem and rather a PDF viewer artefact/heuristic.

    So maybe neither a acro nor accsupp problem.

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