"LaTeX Warning: Rerun to get barriers of acronym xyz right." when using MikTex

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Hi Clemens,

I am using LaTeX on both a Linux (TeX Live) and a Windows machine (MikTex). When compiling a document using the acro package on the latter, I get the warning that is quoted in the title for all entries in my list of abbreviations, which are also not formatted correctly.

Do you have a solution (or fix) for this? And/or is this a known bug under MikTeX?

Best regards,


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  1. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    This was a problem with v2.4. acro could not write to the auxfile from included files. This is now fixed.

    The warning itself is harmless: it just tells you to recompile. With v2.5 the warnings will go away after a few compilations. If you haven't included any files but are working with a one-file document this already is true for v2.4.

    “not formatted correctly” is too vague a description. It tells me nothing. If something is not working as described then always include a Minimal Working Example (with emphasis on minimal and complete)!

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