Missing number, treated as zero

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After updating to the newest MikTex distribution ( 2.0.6414, 7/23/2017) and compiling the following MWE with lualatex



\ac{HMM} and \ac{HMM}

the following error occures:

! Missing number, treated as zero.
<to be read again> 
l.7 }

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  1. Hanspeter Höschle

    I could trace the error to the following lines of code in the acro.sty - line 3591-3604:

    % long:
    \acro_declare_property:nnn {long} {long}
          { \prop_put:cnn {l__acro_long_##1_form_prop} {#1} { \c_false_bool } }
        \prop_put:NnV \l__acro_long_indefinite_prop
    %    \acro_for_endings_do:n
    %      {
    %        \bool_if:cF {l__acro_#1_long-##1_set_bool}
    %          { \prop_put:cnv {l__acro_long_##1_prop} {#1} {l__acro_default_long_##1_tl} }
    %      }

    Because I do not fully understand what is going on, I have commented the lines. The error is gone, but there might be some functionality lost.

    Might it be the "-" vs. "_"? Also the if statement does not have a second statement, I would expect something like \bool_if:cF {condition}{true}{false}

    I hope this helps with fixing the problem.

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