The ACRO package

The ACRO package is an alternative to the well-known and great acronym package. It offers additional functionality:

  • the single option allows to treat acronyms differently that are used only once in a document.
  • the macros option defines additional shortcuts for the acronyms.
  • commands are provided that allow to display the long form of an acronym with the first letter capitalized.
  • the sort option automatically sorts the list of acronyms.
  • acronyms can be divided into classes.
  • citation keys can be added to acronyms.
  • a custom PDF string (if used with hyperref) can be assigned to an acronym.
  • the accsupp option enables the accsupp key of \DeclareAcronym and allows to set the ActualText property (see the accsupp package for details).
  • ...


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