Cannot treat curly braces upright

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Issue #8 resolved
Liam Huang created an issue

Hi there,

From the documentation, I noticed that by using \AddEmph{\{}{\}} on could treat curly braces upright. However, after giving a try, the braces remain sloped.

Could you please check this and help me?






Environment: OS X 10.11.6, MacTeX 2017 with all packages updated.

Screenshot: screenshot.png

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  1. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    That's not what I get:


    But actually I don't see that embrac has a chance to do anything when using the Computer Modern Font:

    \{\} \textit{\{\}} \textup{\{\}}


  2. Liam Huang reporter

    Thanks Clemems, thank you for the reply.

    However, both of my computer, OS X and Windows 7 yield the same problem.

    I'll trace it again later, and do you have any suggestions for trouble shooting?

  3. Liam Huang reporter

    Oh, maybe I get the point.

    \{\} \textit{\{\}} \textup{\{\}}

    For this snippet of code, pdfLaTeX gives the result as you posted, while XeLaTeX makes curly braces inside \textit sloped. And my codes are compiled under XeLaTeX.

    Would you like to reproduce this?

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