exsheets doesn't play nice with lualatex and unicode-math combined

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Issue #5 wontfix
Benoît Knecht created an issue

The titles of the questions are replaced with question marks ('?') when using the unicode-math package and compiling with lualatex. Here's a minimal example exhibiting the issue.



Tested on version 0.7a, but I think it was also an issue in earlier versions.

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  1. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    This is strange but is not an issue with LuaLaTeX but with unicode-math. Without the package it works as expected. unicode-math and XeLaTeX gives the same erroneous output. I'll investigate...

  2. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    The problem is the following line in unicode-math-table.tex:

    \UnicodeMathSymbol{"0003F}{\question}{\mathord}{question mark}%

    This silently redefines the \question command that is implicitly called by the {question} environment. There are two possible solutions:

    1. redefine it again by inserting \AtBeginDocument{\RenewQuSolPair{question}{solution}}
    2. use other environments than {question} and {solution}, e.g. \NewQuSolPair{exercise}{answer}
  3. Clemens Niederberger repo owner

    As there is an easy workaround I won't this issue. I believe it is better if users make a conscious decision so they exactly know what \question means.

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