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Added entry for Pyramid Renderer and updated title text.

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    Group: Core Renderers  {
-      File: AxisTickRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.axisTickRenderer.js)
-      File: CanvasGridRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.canvasGridRenderer.js)
-      File: DivTitleRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.divTitleRenderer.js)
-      File: LinearAxisRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.linearAxisRenderer.js)
-      File: MarkerRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.markerRenderer.js)
-      File: ShapeRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.shapeRenderer.js)
-      File: ShadowRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.shadowRenderer.js)
+      File: Axis Tick Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.axisTickRenderer.js)
+      File: Canvas Grid Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.canvasGridRenderer.js)
+      File: Div Title Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.divTitleRenderer.js)
+      File: Linear Axis Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.linearAxisRenderer.js)
+      File: Marker Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.markerRenderer.js)
+      File: Shape Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.shapeRenderer.js)
+      File: Shadow Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.shadowRenderer.js)
       File: Line Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.lineRenderer.js)
-      File: AxisLabelRenderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.axisLabelRenderer.js)
-      File: ThemeEngine  (no auto-title, jqplot.themeEngine.js)
+      File: Axis Label Renderer  (no auto-title, jqplot.axisLabelRenderer.js)
+      File: Theme Engine  (no auto-title, jqplot.themeEngine.js)
       File: fn  (jqplot.toImage.js)
       }  # Group: Core Renderers
    Group: Plugins  {
-      File: BarRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.barRenderer.js)
-      File: BezierCurveRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.BezierCurveRenderer.js)
-      File: BlockRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.blockRenderer.js)
-      File: BubbleRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.bubbleRenderer.js)
-      File: CanvasAxisLabelRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.canvasAxisLabelRenderer.js)
-      File: CanvasAxisTickRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.canvasAxisTickRenderer.js)
-      File: CanvasOverlay  (plugins/jqplot.canvasOverlay.js)
-      File: CategoryAxisRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer.js)
+      File: Bar Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.barRenderer.js)
+      File: Bezier Curve Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.BezierCurveRenderer.js)
+      File: Block Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.blockRenderer.js)
+      File: Bubble Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.bubbleRenderer.js)
+      File: Canvas Axis Label Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.canvasAxisLabelRenderer.js)
+      File: Canvas Axis TickRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.canvasAxisTickRenderer.js)
+      File: Canvas Overlay  (plugins/jqplot.canvasOverlay.js)
+      File: Category Axis Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.categoryAxisRenderer.js)
       File: ciParser  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.ciParser.js)
       File: Cursor  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.cursor.js)
-      File: DateAxisRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.dateAxisRenderer.js)
-      File: DonutRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.donutRenderer.js)
+      File: Date Axis Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.dateAxisRenderer.js)
+      File: Donut Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.donutRenderer.js)
       File: Dragable  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.dragable.js)
-      File: EnhancedLegendRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.enhancedLegendRenderer.js)
-      File: FunnelRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.funnelRenderer.js)
+      File: Enhanced Legend Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.enhancedLegendRenderer.js)
+      File: Funnel Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.funnelRenderer.js)
       File: Highlighter  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.highlighter.js)
-      File: LogAxisRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.logAxisRenderer.js)
-      File: MekkoAxisRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.mekkoAxisRenderer.js)
-      File: MekkoRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.mekkoRenderer.js)
-      File: MeterGaugeRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.meterGaugeRenderer.js)
-      File: OHLCRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.ohlcRenderer.js)
-      File: PieRenderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.pieRenderer.js)
-      File: PointLabels  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.pointLabels.js)
+      File: Pyramid Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.pyramidRenderer.js)
+      File: Log Axis Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.logAxisRenderer.js)
+      File: Mekko Axis Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.mekkoAxisRenderer.js)
+      File: Mekko Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.mekkoRenderer.js)
+      File: Meter Gauge Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.meterGaugeRenderer.js)
+      File: OHLC Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.ohlcRenderer.js)
+      File: Pie Renderer  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.pieRenderer.js)
+      File: Point Labels  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.pointLabels.js)
       File: Trendline  (no auto-title, plugins/jqplot.trendline.js)
       }  # Group: Plugins
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