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added system command runner class -- only tested on Linux

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+from subprocess import call
+class Runner(object):
+	"""
+		A class to simplify running external programs.  You'll want to extend this
+		class and implement __init__, handle_ret_code, and kickoff, at minimum, for
+		each general command you want to use.
+	"""
+	def _run(self, command = [], stdin = None, stdout = None, shell = False):
+		"""
+			Don't call directly!  Use kickoff.
+			Wrapper around See
+ for full details.
+		"""
+		ret_code = call(command, stdin=stdin, stdout=stdout, shell=shell)
+		if ret_code:
+			self.handle_ret_code(ret_code, command, stdin, stdout, shell)
+	def handle_ret_code(self, ret_code, command, stdin, stdout, shell):
+		"""
+			Exception handler in case something breaks running an external command.
+			Should be overridden in child classes (I.e., in Java this would be
+			"abstract").  Parameters are as in, with the exception of the
+			first parameter, which is the actual return code from the command
+			execution.
+		"""
+		raise RuntimeError("Command Failed!!!")
+	def super_me(self):
+		""" A shortcut method to call super on me. """
+		return super(type(self), self)
+	def kickoff(self, command = [], stdin = None, stdout = None, shell = False):
+		"""
+			Actually kick off a run of the command.  Use this for interface
+			consistency.
+		"""
+		self._run(command, stdin, stdout, shell)
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