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     <meta name="keywords" content="Scintilla, SciTE, Editing Component, Text Editor" />
     <meta name="Description"
     content=" is the home of the Scintilla editing component and SciTE text editor application." />
-    <meta name="Date.Modified" content="20090819" />
+    <meta name="Date.Modified" content="20100125" />
    	function IsRemote() {
 		var loc = '' + window.location;
         <td width="40%" align="right">
-          <span class="versionlist"> Release version 2.01<br />
-           Site last modified August 19 2009</span>
+          <span class="versionlist"> Release version 2.02<br />
+           Site last modified January 25 2010</span>
         <td width="20%">
     <table bgcolor="#000000" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="6" border="0">
         <td width="100%">
+          <span class="versionlist">Version 2.02 fixes some problems with rectangular selection.</span>
+        </td>
+      </tr>
+      <tr>
+        <td width="100%">
           <span class="versionlist">Version 2.01 fixes some problems with multiple selection.</span>
     document.write('<a href="">Download</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;');
+<a href="">Download</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
 	  <a href="">
 <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"><!--
     document.write('<a href="">Scintilla</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; ');
+<a href="">Scintilla</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; 
 	  <a href="">
 	  <a href="">
     document.write('<p>You can <a href="">download Scintilla and SciTE.</a></p>');
+<p>You can <a href="">download Scintilla and SciTE.</a></p>
        There are some <a href="">extra configuration files</a> that can
        enhance SciTE for various languages and APIs.
       may receive no response.
       <br />
+There is a <a href="">Scintilla project page</a> hosted on
 <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
-document.write('There is a <a href="">Scintilla project page<\/a>');
-document.write(' hosted on ');
 if (IsRemote()) {
     document.write('<a href="">');
     document.write('<img src=";type=8" width="80" height="15" alt="Get Scintilla at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads" /></a> ');
+<a href="">
+<img src=";type=8" width="80" height="15" alt="Get Scintilla at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads" /></a> 

File SciTEDoc.html

        file. The default is 1 and this effectively turns off buffers. With more than one buffer,
        the Buffers menu can be used to switch between buffers, either by selecting the
        file name or using the Previous (F6) and Next (Shift+F6) commands.
-       Setting more than 10 buffers may cause problems as some menus are fixed in length
+       A tab is displayed for each buffer in the tab bar although this can be turned off with the
+       View | Tab Bar command.
+       A tab may be closed by clicking on it with the middle mouse button.
+       Setting large numbers of buffers may cause problems as some menus are fixed in length
        and thus files beyond that length may not be accessible.
                <tr><td>SciteDefaultHome</td><td>directory in which the Global Options file is found</td></tr>
                <tr><td>SciteUserHome</td><td>directory in which the User Options file is found</td></tr>
                <tr><td>SciteDirectoryHome</td><td>directory in which the Directory Options file is found</td></tr>
+               <tr><td>APIPath</td><td>list of full paths of API files from api.<i>filepattern</i></td></tr>
+               <tr><td>AbbrevPath</td><td>full path of abbreviations file</td></tr>
        Some features use file name patterns to see which variable to use. For example, the lexer
 	<td>This option enables folding multi-line quoted strings when using the Python lexer.</td>
+	<td>fold.sql.exists</td>
+	<td>Enables "EXISTS" to end a fold as is started by "IF" in "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS".</td>
+	</tr>
+	<tr>
 	<td>For XML and HTML, setting this property to 1 will make tags match in a case sensitive way which is the expected behaviour for XML and XHTML.</td>
 	<td>For lines in the output pane that are matches from Find in Files or GCC-style diagnostics, style the path and line number separately from the rest of the line with style 21 used for the rest of the line. This allows matched text to be more easily distinguished from its location.</td>
+	<td>lexer.html.mako</td>
+	<td>Set to 1 to enable the mako template language.</td>
+	</tr>
+	<tr>
 	<td>For properties files, set to 0 to style all lines that start with whitespace in the default style. This is not suitable for SciTE .properties files which use indentation for flow control but can be used for RFC2822 text where indentation is used for continuation lines.</td>
 	  <thead><th>Code page</th><th>Value</th></thead>
 	  <tr><td>Default (single byte character set)</td><td align="right">0</td></tr>
 	  <tr><td>UTF-8</td><td align="right">65001</td></tr>
-	  <tr class="windowsonly"><td>Japanese Shift-JIS</td><td align="right">932</td></tr>
-	  <tr class="windowsonly"><td>Simplified Chinese GBK</td><td align="right">936</td></tr>
-	  <tr class="windowsonly"><td>Traditional Chinese Big5</td><td align="right">950</td></tr>
+	  <tr><td>Japanese Shift-JIS</td><td align="right">932</td></tr>
+	  <tr><td>Simplified Chinese GBK</td><td align="right">936</td></tr>
+	  <tr><td>Traditional Chinese Big5</td><td align="right">950</td></tr>
 	  <tr class="windowsonly"><td>Korean</td><td align="right">949</td></tr>
 	  <tr class="windowsonly"><td>Korean Johab</td><td align="right">1361</td></tr>
-	  All of these may work on Windows.
-	  On GTK+, this option should only be 0 or 65001 where SciTE only supports single
-	  byte character sets and Unicode.<br />
+	  All of these may work on Windows but the Korean code pages are not supported on GTK+.<br />
         Setting to 65001 starts Unicode mode and the document is treated as
         a sequence of characters expressed as UTF-8. Display is performed by converting to the
         platform's normal Unicode encoding first so characters from any language will be displayed.
         Correct glyphs will only be displayed if fonts are chosen that contain the appropriate glyphs.
         Tahoma is a good choice on Windows 2000. <br/>
         This property can <em>not</em> set a single byte character set.<br />
-        For GTK+ 1.x, the locale should be set to a Unicode locale by setting the LC_CTYPE
-        property. For an English machine this can be<br />
-        <div class="example">
-        LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
-        </div>
-        Fonts with an "iso10646" registry should be used in a font set.
-        Font sets are a '|' separated list of partial
-        font specifications where each partial font specification can be in the form of
-        foundry-fontface-charsetregistry-encoding *OR*
-        fontface-charsetregistry-encoding *OR*
-        foundry-fontface *OR*
-        fontface. An example is "misc-fixed-iso10646-1|*".<br />
 	If is set then it is used for the output pane which otherwise
 	matches the edit pane.

File SciTEDownload.html

     <table bgcolor="#CCCCCC" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="8" border="0">
-          <font size="4"> <a href="">
+          <font size="4"> <a href="">
-	<a href="">
+	<a href="">
       containing very few restrictions.
-       Release 2.01
+       Release 2.02
        Source Code
        The source code package contains all of the source code for Scintilla and SciTE but no binary
 	executable code and is available in
-       <li><a href="">zip format</a> (2000K) commonly used on Windows</li>
-       <li><a href="">tgz format</a> (1720K) commonly used on Linux and compatible operating systems</li>
+       <li><a href="">zip format</a> (2000K) commonly used on Windows</li>
+       <li><a href="">tgz format</a> (1820K) commonly used on Linux and compatible operating systems</li>
        Instructions for building on both Windows and Linux are included in the readme file.
        Windows Executables
-       A <a href="">full download</a> (890K) includes the SciTE executable, any required DLLs,
+       A <a href="">full download</a> (890K) includes the SciTE executable, any required DLLs,
       configuration files and documentation. After downloading the file, unzip it, and run
       SciTE.EXE. The files required to run SciTE are SciTE.EXE, SciLexer.DLL, and and these are best located in one directory on the path.
-       A <a href="">single file executable called Sc1</a> (550K) does not need any DLL or
+       A <a href="">single file executable called Sc1</a> (550K) does not need any DLL or
       properties files as these are linked into the executable. You may still create properties
       files if you wish.
       Sc1.exe has been compressed with the
       <a href="">UPX compressor</a>
       so that it is a fast download. It does not need to be decompressed to be used.
+    <h4>
+       Windows Installer
+    </h4>
+    <p>
+       <a href="">An installer</a>
+       created by Troy Simpson.
+    </p>
        GTK+ / Linux
       need to install GTK+ 2.8 or rebuild SciTE to use your existing version of GTK+.
-       A <a href="">full download</a> (780K) includes the SciTE executable,
+       A <a href="">full download</a> (790K) includes the SciTE executable,
       configuration files and documentation.
       After downloading the file, gunzip and untar it, and run
       SciTE. The files required to run SciTE are SciTE which is best located on the path


 # DADADA used as background because it yields standard silver C0C0C0
 # on low colour displays and a reasonable light grey on higher bit depths
-	selection.alpha=30
+	selection.alpha=32
 if PLAT_WIN95
 # This is a better set for Russian:
-# The open.filter setting is only used on Windows where the file selector has a menu of filters to apply
+# The open.filter setting is used in the file selector which has a menu of filters to apply
 # to the types of files seen when opening.
-# There is a limit (possibly 256 characters) to the length of a filter,
+# There is a limit (possibly 256 characters) to the length of a filter on Windows,
 # so not all source extensions can be in this setting.
 &C / C++|c||\
 #import bullant
 import caml
 import conf
+#import cobol
 import cpp
 #import cmake
 import d
 #import spice
 import sql
 #import specman
+#import tacl
+#import tal
 import tcl
 import tex
 import vb


+# Define SciTE settings for COBOL files.
+filter.cobol=COBOL (cob)|$(file.patterns.COBOL)|
+# These keywords are case insensitive 
+keywords.$(file.patterns.COBOL)=configuration data declaratives division environment environment-division file file-control function i-o i-o-control identification input input-output linkage local-storage output procedure program program-id receive-control section special-names working-storage
+keywords2.$(file.patterns.COBOL)=accept add alter apply assign call chain close compute continue control convert copy count delete display divide draw drop eject else enable end-accept end-add end-call end-chain end-compute end-delete end-display end-divide end-evaluate end-if end-invoke end-multiply end-perform end-read end-receive end-return end-rewrite end-search end-start end-string end-subtract end-unstring end-write erase evaluate examine exec execute exit go goback generate if ignore initialize initiate insert inspect invoke leave merge move multiply open otherwise perform print read receive release reload replace report reread rerun reserve reset return rewind rewrite rollback run search seek select send set sort start stop store string subtract sum suppress terminate then transform unlock unstring update use wait when wrap write
+keywords3.$(file.patterns.COBOL)=access acquire actual address advancing after all allowing alphabet alphabetic alphabetic-lower alphabetic-upper alphanumeric alphanumeric-edited also alternate and any are area areas as ascending at attribute author auto auto-hyphen-skip auto-skip automatic autoterminate background-color background-colour backward basis beep before beginning bell binary blank blink blinking block bold bottom box boxed by c01 c02 c03 c04 c05 c06 c07 c08 c09 c10 c11 c12 cancel cbl cd centered cf ch chaining changed character characters chart class clock-units cobol code code-set col collating color colour column com-reg comma command-line commit commitment common communication comp comp-0 comp-1 comp-2 comp-3 comp-4 comp-5 comp-6 comp-x compression computational computational-1 computational-2 computational-3 computational-4 computational-5 computational-6 computational-x computational console contains content control-area controls conversion converting core-index corr corresponding crt crt-under csp currency current-date cursor cycle cyl-index cyl-overflow date date-compiled date-written day day-of-week dbcs de debug debug-contents debug-item debug-line debug-name debug-sub-1 debug-sub-2 debug-sub-3 debugging decimal-point default delimited delimiter depending descending destination detail disable disk disp display-1 display-st down duplicates dynamic echo egcs egi emi empty-check encryption end end-of-page ending enter entry eol eop eos equal equals error escape esi every exceeds exception excess-3 exclusive exhibit extend extended-search external externally-described-key factory false fd fh--fcd fh--keydef file-id file-limit file-limits file-prefix filler final first fixed footing for foreground-color foreground-colour footing format from full giving global greater grid group heading high high-value high-values highlight id in index indexed indic indicate indicator indicators inheriting initial installation into invalid invoked is japanese just justified kanji kept key keyboard label last leading left left-justify leftline length length-check less limit limits lin linage linage-counter line line-counter lines lock lock-holding locking low low-value low-values lower lowlight manual mass-update master-index memory message method mode modified modules more-labels multiple name named national national-edited native nchar negative next no no-echo nominal not note nstd-reels null nulls number numeric numeric-edited numeric-fill o-fill object object-computer object-storage occurs of off omitted on oostackptr optional or order organization other others overflow overline packed-decimal padding page page-counter packed-decimal paragraph password pf ph pic picture plus pointer pop-up pos position positioning positive previous print-control print-switch printer printer-1 printing prior private procedure-pointer procedures proceed process processing prompt protected public purge queue quote quotes random range rd readers ready record record-overflow recording records redefines reel reference references relative remainder remarks removal renames reorg-criteria repeated replacing reporting reports required resident return-code returning reverse reverse-video reversed rf rh right right-justify rolling rounded s01 s02 s03 s04 s05 same screen scroll sd secure security segment segment-limit selective self selfclass sentence separate sequence sequential service setshadow shift-in shift-out sign size skip1 skip2 skip3 sort-control sort-core-size sort-file-size sort-merge sort-message sort-mode-size sort-option sort-return source source-computer space spaces space-fill spaces standard standard-1 standard-2 starting status sub-queue-1 sub-queue-2 sub-queue-3 subfile super symbolic sync synchronized sysin sysipt syslst sysout syspch syspunch system-info tab tallying tape terminal terminal-info test text than through thru time time-of-day time-out timeout times title to top totaled totaling trace track-area track-limit tracks trailing trailing-sign transaction true type typedef underline underlined unequal unit until up updaters upon upper upsi-0 upsi-1 upsi-2 upsi-3 upsi-4 upsi-5 upsi-6 upsi-7 usage user using value values variable varying when-compiled window with words write-only write-verify writerszero zero zero-fill zeros zeroes
+# COBOL styles
+# 2,Line Comment|3,Doc Comment|4,Number|5,Keyword (A)|6,String|7,Character|8,Extended keyword|9,Preprocessor|10,Operator
+# 11,Identifier|16,Keyword (B)
+# Note: all non-comment fonts are forced to monospace
+# Line comment
+# Doc comment
+# Number
+# Keyword (A)
+# String
+# Character
+# Extended keyword
+# Preprocessor
+# Operators
+# Identifier
+# Keyword (B)


 return static stdclass string switch true unset use var while xor \
 abstract catch clone exception final implements interface php_user_filter \
 private protected public this throw try \
-__class__ __file__ __function__ __line__ __method__ __sleep __wakeup
+__class__ __dir__ __file__ __function__ __line__ __method__ \
+__namespace__ __sleep __wakeup
 # Override keywordclass.php with another file if present
 import phpfunctions
 $(docbook.elements42) $(docbook.attributes)
+# JavaScript keywords are possible inside embedded Javascript
+# VBScript keywords are possible inside embedded VBScript
+# Python keywords are possible inside embedded Python
+keywords4.$(file.patterns.mako)=$(keywordclass.python) include namespace inherit \
+call doc text page endclass endexcept endfinally endfor endif endtry endwhile
+# PHP keywords are possible inside embedded PHP
+# SGML / DTD keywords
+keywords6.$(file.patterns.mako)=ELEMENT DOCTYPE ATTLIST ENTITY NOTATION
 keywords6.$(file.patterns.docbook)=ELEMENT DOCTYPE ATTLIST ENTITY NOTATION
 # END DocBook


 # Define SciTE settings for Ruby files.


+# Define SciTE settings for TACL files.
+filter.tacl=TACL (TACL)|$(file.patterns.TACL)|
+# These keywords are case insensitive 
+keywords.$(file.patterns.TACL)=activate add adddsttransition adduser alter altpri assign attachseg backupcpu break builtins buscmd clear columnize comment compute copy dump copyvar create createseg debug debugnow default delete deluser detachseg env exit fileinfo filenames files filetovar help history home info initterm inlecho inleof inlout inlprefix inlto join keep keys lights load loaded files logoff logon o obey outvar param password pause pmsearch pmsg pop ppd purge push rcvdump receivedump reload remotepassword rename reset rpasswrd run rund seginfo set setprompt settime show sink status stop suspend switch system systimes time timestamp_to_text useusers variables varinfo vartofile vchange vcopy vdelete vfind vinsert vlist vmove volume vtree wakeup who xbusdown xbusup ybusdown ybusup _comparev _contime_to_text _contime_to_text_date _contime_to_text_time _debugger _execute _longest _month3
+# TACL styles
+# 1,Comment|2,Line Comment|3,Doc Comment|4,Number|5,Builtin|6,String|7,Character|8,Command|9,Preprocessor|10,Operator
+# 11,Identifier|16,Label|
+# Comment
+# Line comment
+# Doc comment
+# Number
+# Builtin
+# String
+# Character
+# Command
+# Preprocessor
+# Operators
+# Identifier
+# Label


+# Define SciTE settings for TAL files.
+filter.tal=TAL (TAL)|$(file.patterns.TAL)|
+# These keywords are case insensitive 
+keywords.$(file.patterns.TAL)=and assert baddr begin by call callable case cbaddr code cwaddr define do downto drop else end entry external fixed for forward goto if int interrupt label land literal lor main not of or otherwise priv proc procaddr real resident return rscan scan sgbaddr sgwaddr sgxbaddr sgxwaddr stack store string struct subproc then to unsigned until use variable waddr while xor
+keywords2.$(file.patterns.TAL)=at below bit_filler block bytes c cobol elements ext extensible filler fortran language name pascal private unspecified words
+# TAL styles
+# 1,Comment|2,Line Comment|3,Doc Comment|4,Number|5,Keyword|6,String|7,Character|8,Unreserved keyword|9,Preprocessor|10,Operator
+# 11,Identifier
+# Comment
+# Line comment
+# Doc comment
+# Number
+# Keyword
+# String
+# Character
+# Unreserved keyword
+# Preprocessor
+# Operators
+# Identifier