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-"set mapleader
+"set mapleader (which is your own personal shortcut key)
 let mapleader = ","
+" allows buffers to be hidden without saving them and with undo history intact
+set hidden
+" match if/elif/else/end, XML tags, etc.
+runtime macros/matchit.vim
+" show tab-completions in command mode (i.e., when opening a new file from
+" within vim
+set wildmenu
+" tab-completions in command mode behave like a Unix shell, not like Windows
+set wildmode=list:longest
+" keep a buffer of x lines between the edge of the viewport and the cursor
+set scrolloff=10
 "fasssssst reloading of the .vimrc
 map <silent> <leader>ss :source ~/.vimrc<cr>
 "fast editing of .vimrc