chadhs at digitalnomad.im


a set of preferences for bash, vim & tmux on ubuntu that provides a nicer and more resilient work environment
if you want to get fancy with vim to have a more advanced development environment on your server see "vim-fancy" below

installation steps

do the following on the server / workstation you want to deploy
you can also run user-deploy.sh to do these steps automatically (this defaults to the vim-fancy vimrc)
root-deploy.sh will setup bash and vim preferences only for the root user

cd ~
git clone https://bitbucket.org/chadhs/ubuntu-prefs
ln -s ~/ubuntu-prefs/bashrc .bash_aliases
ln -s ~/ubuntu-prefs/vimrc .vimrc
ln -s ~/ubuntu-prefs/tmux.conf .tmux.conf
cp .profile .profile.orig && cat ubuntu-prefs/append-me-to-dot-profile >> .profile

now logout and back in


upgrade steps

think my settings are so fresh? log back in to your machine and...

cd ~/ubuntu-prefs
git pull

BAM; you're done! (because you followed the readme and symlinked right?) ;-)


do this instead for the vim symlinking

mkdir ~/tmp
ln -s ~/ubuntu-prefs/vimrc-fancy .vimrc
git clone https://github.com/gmarik/vundle.git ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

then open vim and do the following command (if you're setting this up for root you'll need to type <leader>sf to source the vim-fancy vimrc before proceding)


enjoy being fancy!