Roger Haase avatar Roger Haase committed 3c55f01

add moin-flash div to layout.html and change js to append messages there instead of moin-header

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                 f.addClass('moin-flash-' + data.flash[i][1]);
-                $('#moin-header').append(f);
+                $('#moin-flash').append(f);
             // get the new form element from the response
             newform = $(data.form);


     {% block header_itemviews %}{% endblock %}
+    <div id="moin-flash">  {# client side javascript may add messages here #}
     {% for category, msg in get_flashed_messages(with_categories=true) %}
         <p class="moin-flash moin-flash-{{ category }}">{{ msg }}</p>
     {% endfor %}
+    </div>
 {% endblock %}
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