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moin-2.0 / build / lib / MoinMoin / macro / GetText.py

# Copyright: 2001 Juergen Hermann <jh@web.de>
# Copyright: 2008,2011 MoinMoin:ThomasWaldmann
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

MoinMoin - Load I18N Text

This macro has the main purpose of supporting Help* page authors
to insert the texts that a user actually sees on his screen into
the description of the related features (which otherwise could
get very confusing).

from MoinMoin.i18n import _, L_, N_
from MoinMoin.macro._base import MacroInlineBase

class Macro(MacroInlineBase):
    """ Return a translation of args, or args as is """
    def macro(self, content, arguments, page_url, alternative):
        translation = ' '.join(arguments.positional)
        translation = _(translation)
        return translation