# README # This repository is a collection of configurations needed to register Keboola Generic Extractor as a branded Magento 2 KBC Extractor. Extractor's task is to help user to extract the data from Magento 2 online to Keboola Connection Platform (KBC). ## API documentation ## [Magento 2 API documentation]( ## Configuration ## Required Information: 1. URL - The URL of your Magento eCommerce Platform - **Please enter your URL input before '/rest/V1/'** - Example: - Full Link: - Input: 2. Username - Please ensure your acount has the right privilege to access the defined endpoint - Instructions on how to add user or modify users' rights: [Here]( 3. Password 4. Templates Selection - Carts - Categories - Coupons - Customers - Invoices - Orders - Products - Transactions **Note: Templates can be switched to JSON formatted template for customization** For overview of the API and list of supported tables, please visit [API Overview]( & [API Explorer]( ## Contact Info ## Leo Chan Vancouver, Canada (PST time) Email: Private: