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Concorde Affaire '79 Full Movie Online Free


Foo A reporter tries to stop the crash of an aircraft after uncovering an airline&#39;s plot to save their business by sabotaging Concorde flights and have them decommissioned. Reporter Moses Brody receives a phone-call from his ex-wife, a fellow reporter, who says he has a big story in the Antilles. When he arrives, she has been killed. While investigating her death, he comes across the case she was working on: a crashed Concorde airliner, sabotaged by an airline company whose South American business is jeopardized by the new Concorde airplanes. He digs deeper and finds that the stewardess survived the crash into the ocean, but she is being held by criminals who are blackmailing the company responsible for the crash. The crash site is kept hidden, however, and the authorities don&#39;t believe his story without the proper evidence. On his own, Brody attempts to rescue the stewardess from her captors, and while doing so, he discovers that another Concorde flight out of London has been sabotaged to crash in the same way. The two race against the clock to get the information to London and prevent the crash. I finally managed to track down copy of this CONCORDE: AIRPORT 79 cash-in directed by the the violence-obsessed Ruggero Deodato. I&#39;m surprised this flick doesn&#39;t come up in discussion more often since it does have a pretty fantastic cast and crew and a pretty good storyline too.<br/><br/>Joseph Cotten and Edmund Purdom are big New York executives who are informed that the Concorde has failed numerous safety checks, yet they have them fly anyway. Right away of course, a Concorde crashes into the Carribbean Sea leaving a stewardess (Mimsy Farmer) as the only survivor. Of course she is first picked up by some members of an international mob (including Richard Raymond and Venantino Venantini). They demand a million dollars ransom for the girl to the hotshot executives, who respond by unleashing their hit men on everyone who knows about the crash in a vain attempt to cover it up. Enter James Franciscus as the heroic journalist who steps in and rescues the stewardess from the mobsters and barely gets her to the authorities in time to learn a second Concorde (piloted by Van Johnson!) is experiencing similar trouble and may also crash if she doesn&#39;t remember what caused her flight trouble. Turns out the mobsters were behind the whole thing and that they&#39;re all in a little over their heads.<br/><br/>This oddity certainly doesn&#39;t pack the best special effects I&#39;ve seen (the Concorde footage is all either stock footage or cheesy little model airplanes), CONCORDE AFFAIR 79 still manages to be a lot of fun. There&#39;s murder, mobsters, &amp; mayhem, and an underwater scubadiver fight or two. The cast is top notch, with even Robert Kerman dropping by as an air traffic controller who has to talk Mimsy Farmer to her senses at the end. Genre veterans may also recognise that same black guy from ZOMBIE and DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D. as one of the fishermen who rescues farmer and is promptly killed off. The photography, in this case by both Federico Zanni and Gianlorenzo Battaglia is pretty good, but fails to make the Godzilla movie-ish miniatures seem realistic. Stelvio Cipriani&#39;s musical score is about exactly usual for his work, yet adding a couple interesting new variations.<br/><br/>All in all, I think this flick was alright. It&#39;s totally rare and impossible to find in a decent quality print, but in my opinion it&#39;s well worth the effort tracking down. Well, I finally got my copy of the movie today. Very old version of the movie with some mild sound and vision problems, yet this is marketed as an official release!!!! Anywhoo, as for the plot, there is an awfully large amount of stock footgae of British Airways Concorde&#39;s used. <br/><br/>The film is not necessarily a disaster movie per say, but more of a drama. The start of the movie consists of a Concorde taking a serious nose-dive into the ocean. It looks tropical. It is made to look as though everybody on the jet has been killed upon impact. <br/><br/>Some impressive effects (for the time - 1979!) were used and it looks quite good. After this, two fishermen pick up a girl in a life-jacket. The only survivor of the crash - Miss Jean Beneyton, a pretty young flight attendant played by Mimsy Farmer.<br/><br/>Soon after, Jean is captured by the guys responsible for the previous Concorde&#39;s fate, helmed by Joseph Cotten. Coming to her rescue is the likable actor James Franciscus as Moses Brody, a reporter. His wife (also a reporter) found out about the Concorde crashing into the ocean and was subsequently murdered to keep the event&#39;s quiet.<br/><br/>Finally, Jean and Moses come to know that another Concorde jet is next on the sabotage list and it is up to them to stop this next Concorde from having the same fate as the previous!!!<br/><br/>Important Film Details:<br/><br/>Violence: Some, mild. Bad Language: Twice, strong. Sex/Nudity: None whatsoever. Other: One mild reference to pregnancy.


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