Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman pushed 419 commits to chapmanb/galaxy-central

bea98c2 - Pull from galaxy-dist
a477486 - Bugfix for tool-to-destination mapping, tool ids are lowercased but the mapping id was not lowercased.
4b1c7ad - Remove unmaintained RGENETICS tools from Galaxy Main
1f34ec1 - Pack script.
185e249 - Trackster: fix data-mode compatibility test; this fixes mode changing from coverage to dense/squish/pack.
Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman pushed 38 commits to chapmanb/cloudman

bf4738a - Merge
908cc3d - Default self.default_galaxy_data_size to 0 vs None to avoid a JS error
373fbe6 - Fix bug introduced in 744:d6d4cccdd0e2 that caused all templates inheriting base without having cluster_name defined to break (logs, etc). If we want cluster_name in all ...
4bef895 - Prevent potential uninitialized log_file (attempted) usage.
1cc9fe7 - Avoid reusing the name 'log' in the service log method -- this is already our logger object.
Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman pushed 1 commit to chapmanb/galaxy-central

08652ae - Fix display of project sample tables, avoiding new restrictions on tables in SQLAlchemy. Better handle display of multiplex in forms. Thanks to Lee Katz
Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman pushed 1 commit to chapmanb/cloudman

a6bf542 - Generalize support for finding libc on newer Ubuntu platforms. Allows cloudman to run on 13.04 and tries to be future compatible with new minor releases ...
Brad Chapman

Brad Chapman pushed 117 commits to chapmanb/cloudman

f3c46e1 - Update release CHANGELOG
8bbae3f - Clear initial cluster setup box on user click
ec6269a - Aworkaround for a race condition with cluster services and PSS service
d4a1549 - Use service_states.COMPLETED for PSS service vs. a local field
8a739f9 - When creating a snapshot of a volume, unmount the volume only and do not detach (applies to AWS only)