Make sure you've installed Gazebo

Checking out a couple other tutorials wouldn't hurt either.

Extra dependencies

sudo apt install imagemagick


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cd ..

Run SimSlides

From repository root:


Your own presentation

You can generate your own presentation as follows:

Generate a new presentation

  1. On the top menu, choose Simslides -> Import PDF (or press F2)

  2. Choose a PDF file from your computer

  3. Choose the folder to save the generated slide models at

  4. Choose a prefix for your model names, they will be named prefix-0, prefix-1, ...

  5. Click Generate. A model will be created for each page of your PDF. This may take a while, the screen goes black... But it works in the end. Sometimes it looks like not all pages of the PDF become models... That's an open issue.

  6. When it's done, all slides will show up on the world in a grid.

Load previously generated slide models

If you already generated slide models with the step above, and now just want to spawn them into the world:

  1. On the top menu, choose Simslides -> Load Models (or press F3)

  2. Choose the path of the directory which includes all the slides

  3. Type in the model name prefix

  4. Load

  5. When it's done, all slides will show up on the world in a grid.

Presentation mode

Once you have the slides loaded into the world, present as follows:

  1. Press F5 or the play button on the top left to start presentation mode

  2. Press the arrow keys to go back and forth on the slides

  3. You're free to use the rest of Gazebo's interface while presenting. If you've navigated far away from the current slide, you can press F1 to return to it.

  4. At any moment, you can press F6 to return to the initial camera pose.

Existing presentations

  1. Move to the presentation branch, available ones are:

    • CppCon, September 2015

      hg up CppCon2015
    • University of Buenos Aires, November 2015

      hg up BuenosAires_Nov2015
    • Universidad de Chile, November 2015

      hg up Chile_Nov2015
    • IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference, May 2016

      hg up IEEE_WiE_ILC_2016
    • ROSCon, October 2016

      hg up ROSCon_Oct2016
    • ROS Industrial web meeting, January 2017

      hg up ROSIndustrial_Jan2017
    • Open Source Software for Decision Making, March 2017

      hg up OSS4DM_Mar2017
    • Open Source Conference, May 2017

      hg up OSCON_May2017
    • ROSCon, Sep 2017

      hg up ROSCon_Sep2017
    • Brasil visits, Mar 2018

      hg up Brasil_Mar2018
    • QConSF, Nov 2018

      hg up QConSF_Nov2018
    • University of California, Santa Cruz, Feb 2019

      hg up UCSC_Feb2019
  2. A lot changes from one presentation to the next, follow instructions on that branch's README to run the presentation.