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Shorten long lines.

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                 argname = argtype
                 argtype = None
-            args.append(ArgumentDefExpr(argtype, argname, type_suffixes, default))
+            args.append(ArgumentDefExpr(argtype, argname,
+                                        type_suffixes, default))
         const = self.skip_word_and_ws('const')
         noexcept = self.skip_word_and_ws('noexcept')


                 items = []
                 for name in dir(obj):
-                        documenter = get_documenter(safe_getattr(obj, name), obj)
+                        documenter = get_documenter(safe_getattr(obj, name),
+                                                    obj)
                     except AttributeError:
                     if documenter.objtype == typ:


             proj, version, uri, dispname = inventory[objtype][target]
             newnode = nodes.reference('', '', internal=False, refuri=uri,
-                                      reftitle=_('(in %s v%s)') % (proj, version))
+                          reftitle=_('(in %s v%s)') % (proj, version))
             if node.get('refexplicit'):
                 # use whatever title was given
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