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Grappelli Readme

*   Web:

Welcome to Grappelli! This skin provides a fresh & useable
surface for the powerfull Django Admin Interface. Furthermore it 
expands some functions of the Django Admin Interface and 
outlines future development possibilities. Therefor Grappelli
is made for Mozilla Firefox 3+ (but also should work with
Safari 3+).
That gives the opportunity to use some CSS3 specifications which
are really practical and are going to be implemented in future
browser-developments for sure. To cut down efforts support for
other browsers (versions) is not guaranteed.

Setup instructions

Here's how you set up Grappelli on your site.

Grappelli consist of the original Django Admin Interface CSS &
images and the Gappelli-specific CSS & images. It comes as a
package - all you have to do is to move it to the location where
your Django Admin Styles situated. If you need to deacivate 
Grappelli just open the Django Admins 'base.css' and comment out
the included 'grappelli.css'. You will get your administration
interface delivered without the Grappelli styles.

There are several ways of installing Grappelli, depending on the
location of your media-files and templates. Basically, you just
have to replace the following Django directories:

A) /admin/media/
B) /admin/templates/

1) Download Grappelli Media-Files:
   Go to your admin-media directory and delete all
   Django media-files (including .svn).
   Then checkout the Grappelli media-files:
   svn checkout

2) Download Grappelli Templates-Files:
   Go to your admin-templates directory and delete all
   Django template-files (including .svn).
   Then checkout the Grappelli template-files:
   svn checkout

Media Files in Grappelli

CSS) The Grappelli stylesheets can be found in /media/css_grappelli/
     grappelli.css contains most of the skin
     grappelli_fieldsets.css contains the declarations for the
     collapsible elements.

IMG) The Grappelli images can be found in /media/img_grappelli/

Currently there are no compressed files available.


* For credits and origins, see AUTHORS.
* For license instructions, see LICENSE.

To post bugs and issues, use our Google Code site: