Mikhail Korobov avatar Mikhail Korobov committed 67e340b

Make upload_zip view more ajax-friendly.

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         if form.is_valid():
             success_url = '../' #album_site.reverse('show_album', args=[object_id])
+            if request.is_ajax():
+                return HttpResponse()
             return HttpResponseRedirect(success_url)
+        else:
+            if request.is_ajax():
+                return HttpResponse(form.errors)
         form = form_class(request.user, obj)
+    if request.is_ajax():
+        return HttpResponse()
     context.update({'form': form})
     return _render('upload_zip.html', obj, context)
-      version='0.20.3',
+      version='0.20.4',
       author='Mikhail Korobov',
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