Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date> <> [7312]
Realizing after a long time that I never actually committed that super snippet> <> [7312]
Added a better implementation of the regular expression for the cleaning of template variables
Rodrigo Culagovski
Changed "${2:blank=True}, " to "{2:blank=True, }" ini char- and url- fields, to make it easier to delete the option and the comma with 1 keystroke.> <> [7312]
Added a super tab trigger for {{ block.super }} in templates> <> [7312]
Makes the block template tag tab complete put the block name on the endblock tag> <> [7312]
Adds the files that I forgot to include in the last commit. opps> <> [7312]
Adds template> <> [7312]
Adds template> <> [7312]
Adds template> <> [7312]
Adds a Clean Template Variables command at ^T, to make sure there is a space around template tags and variables> [Scylla]
further tidying of bundle menus> [Scylla]
changes to model field snippets to reflect current state of 1.0. notably, USStateField and PhoneNumberField got nuked since they are now moved inside of contrib.localflavor and we don't have any localflavor stuff in the bundles> [Scylla]
add missing template tags and filters to template bundle. updated/added arguments as needed. reorg bundle menu.> <> [7312]
I managed to forget the relational fields last night. Added syntax stuff for ForeignKey, ManyToMany and OneToOne> <> [7312]
noticed that model but not models were highlighted, also form but not forms> <> [7312]
added admin syntax hightlighting, a couple of other changes> <> [7312]
moving around some things for better organization and changed the search documentation to use instead of the old docs.> <> [7312]
added form (new form) syntax highlighting> <> [7312]
some more syntax highlighting including the updated model fields, field options and meta options> <> [7312]
added new settings, checked over all settings items based on docs> [Scylla]
menu rearrange: put Intermediate Model Skeleton into 'Models' submenu> [Scylla]
model skeleton cleanup
Nathan Florea
Changed language name to "Python (Django)"
Nathan Florea
Added intermediate model skeleton
Nathan Florea
Modified inline skeletons to set model = ModelName> [Scylla]
corrected typo in 'with' snippet> [Scylla]
corrected ModelForm skeleton; separate 'Forms' out in bundle menu> <> [7312]
added form and modelform snippets> [Scylla]
further menu restructure> <> [7312]
added inline admin skelitons and got rid of the prepopulated field option in the slugfield
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