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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date> <> [7312]
It is about time we add a OneToOneField snippet. Trigger is 'oto'> <> [7312]
Adding the model.Model inheritance as an editable field in the model skeliton because it is helpful duiring inheritance> <> [7312]
A slightly better wat of handling the block template tag> <> [7312]
Some changes to make sure all the snippets were registered in the pList> <> [7312]
I have to remove the files mentioned in the last commit> <> [7312]
finish the removal of the template bundles and changing the HTML (Django) syntax to include text.html.basic> <> [7312]
Merging my fork. This now moves all of the Django bundles into a single textmate bundle with 2 different languages.
bundle editor
For some reason the extends tag wasn't working properly in my bundle. Now updated.
This fork wasn't supposed to be done> [Scylla]
merge> [Scylla]
update contact information inside plists
Backed out of bad commit and push
Backed out changeset b6650ab43e9f I didn't mean to commit that to the main repo. Opps
fixed an issue with the Models skeleton
A refactor of the Django bundle to be all included in a single bundle with different languages. Better for the long term.
a few tweaks to clean things up a bit
Tidying up the model skeleton field (copying from Justin Driscoll, thanks)> [Scylla]
tidy menus> [Scylla]
add 'endspaceless' template tag, oops> [Scylla]
change HTML (Django) language to Django Template, since that works better for non-HTML uses of Django's template system.> [Scylla]
snippets for model skeleton, else> [Scylla]
project .hgignore updated to include GetBundles.tmbundle> <> [7312]
added a Django TestCase template> <> [7312]
Realizing after a long time that I never actually committed that super snippet> <> [7312]
Added a better implementation of the regular expression for the cleaning of template variables
Rodrigo Culagovski
Changed "${2:blank=True}, " to "{2:blank=True, }" ini char- and url- fields, to make it easier to delete the option and the comma with 1 keystroke. Added "{2:blank=True, null=True, }" to date- and datetime- fields.> <> [7312]
Added a super tab trigger for {{ block.super }} in templates> <> [7312]
Makes the block template tag tab complete put the block name on the endblock tag> <> [7312]
Adds the files that I forgot to include in the last commit. opps
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