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Relaxlog was a weekend hobby project. I needed a scratchpad for my crappy ideas 
and notes, I was playing with CouchDB and already knew Django so here you go. 
Once you get this set up it's a matter of going to `/weblog/add/`. To edit your 
entries go to `/weblog/my-entry/edit/`.

 + Add/edit articles and flatpages
 + Snappy preview in add/edit mode
 + Optional slug field - default behaviour slugifies title field
 + Automatically parses document content as reStructuredText
 + reST Pygment code block directive for code highlighting

If you're used to working with virtualenv you could try the included bootstrap 
method which fetches all requirements. Have a look at the `/manage/bootstrap` 
shell script. This method is similar to the one described in a `blog post`_ by 
Lincoln Loop.

 + Django 1.0.2
 + couchdb-python
 + Pygments
 + docutils
 + simplejson

 + Delete articles
 + Change article status (Online, Offline, Draft)


 + Flatpage editor
 + Links (URI, description, date) interweaved with articles
.. _`blog post`:

Recent activity

Nothing to see here, move along.

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